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Literary guidance and inspiration:

John Fante’s “Ask the Dusk” comes highly recommended from GDN, a reader who graciously shares poignant insight and provokes me to delve yet further into the emotions that stir my soul and inspire me to write and share on this site.

Ask the Dusk by John Fante (Photo provided by Amazon.com)

Sony Professional 3CMOS 1080p HDV Video Camera

I have dreams of shooting and producing documentaries and I have many ideas for truly compelling stories. Really, the only thing that is stopping me is proper equipment. The Invisible Children movement grew from four recent high school graduates who took off to travel in Africa for the summer with a camcorder. They came back with incredible footage that has ultimately led to a worldwide movement that is effectively working to raise awareness about and end the horrendous genocide currently occurring in Darfur. Put one of these puppies in my hands and lets see what I can do.

Apple iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GSMy profession means I need to be wired… all the time. Ironic really. I love to be out in the midst of the wild, yet I want the capability to tweet from the middle of nowhere. But I think of it this way: I am a modern day nomad and my bugle is the internet. I really should have one of these already. I tend to invest in traveling to get the story a bit more freely than the equipment needed to record it though.

By the way, when are they going to make a global phone?? In this age of technological boom and dissolving borders, why don’t we have global air time instead of national air time???

I am on the waiting list for a Google phone number. That’s a start. Either way, a more technologically sound mobile device would be most beneficial.

Rickshaw Run

Must be one heck of an adventure. Would love to find out for myself.

Imagine the fastest, safest, earth-munching all-terrain vehicle in the world. Then imagine the opposite. Three wheels, half a horse power and more fun than any other vehicle on planet earth the humble Rickshaw is undoubtedly the ultimate long distance, off road machine, despite being designed for short distances on road. Now imagine trying to get the resultant engineering question mark over the Himalayas or the Rajasthan desert.

The Rickshaw Run is pretty simple. With no preparation and less luggage you fly to the Indian Subcontinent and do your damndest to force 150cc glorified lawnmower over thousands of miles of questionable terrain in around two weeks with no support at all. Fools gather from all the corners of the earth to hurt themselves on one of three Rickshaw Runs thundering through India each year.

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  1. To Enjoy Rickshaw-Run i would suggest Mumbai-India. When i visited some areas like mulund, bhivandi, ghatkopar in mumbai, i found crazy rickshawwalas and enjoyed all the trips.

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