Waiting for the Light…

Here’s that poem I mentioned:

Desolation heavy in the air
Life an assembly line of its own
No emotion, only movements
World empty and cold
Why are we here?
Suddenly a new light, beautiful sound
Caution, fright, curiosity, wonder mixing.
Slowly grasping and understanding.

Again, I wrote that poem in high school as part of an assignment after we had read “Death of a Salesman.” It was the second line that I was recalling when I thought of the poem. But, today I stumbled upon a documentary that puts everything into perspective… please watch “The Invisible Children.”

Just about a month ago I saw another documentary that touches on the atrocities occuring in the Darfur region of Sudan, Africa. Atrocities which are spreading and beginning to filter across the Ugandan border. The documentary is called “The Devil Came on Horseback.” I strongly recommend it as well. If God could use me to somehow help in combating this evil rising up in that part of the world… I would be willing to be His faithful servant.

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