Volcanic Booms

I'm still poor at identifying which volcano is which around La Antigua.Recently, the days have truly been picture-perfect here in La Antigua with a bright sun peering out from big, puffy clouds that slowly trawl across a deep blue sky. Three volcanoes – Fuego, Agua and Acatenango – loom around the colonial streets of La Antigua like protective guardians. Sometimes the summits of the volcanoes are wreathed in their own sea of clouds, other times they stand, unobstructed like other-worldly giants. Often, on these bright sunny days, you can hear a reverberating boom, similar to the sound of far-off thunder or a distant canon. Moments later, you’ll spot a plume of gray, ashy smoke in the horizon. One of the volcanoes has just exploded…

Luckily the explosions are small and prove no threat… at least for now.

I captured this photo from the grounds of Las Gravileas in Santa Catarina Bobadilla just outside of La Antigua. My article about the impressive trade school for women will be appearing in the October issue of Revue Magazine.

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