Uninhibited African Beats

My head was still in a deep contemplative fog when I arrived in Graz, and that wasn’t a good mix for trying to find the connecting train from Graz to the small village outside of Graz where Claudia lives. Long story short, a major bout of absent-mindedness meant I added two hours to my journey back to Claudia’s house. It wasn’t so bad though. I was able to indulge in more of my books, thus plunging even further into my absent-minded fog. ; ) It also meant I had less time to get ready for the Multi Kulti Ball though. By the time I got to Claudia’s, I was in a rush!

The Multi Kulti Ball is a yearly event that’s meant to showcase the international culture thriving in Graz. Persian, Latin, Asian, European… it was all there. But, it was the African beats that lured Claudia and I in first and we bounced to those beats throughout the night. Oddly enough, all the books I’ve been reading and that have been impacting me so much lately have strong passages about deserts. As the African drum beats mingled with the tales from exotic sand dunes already swirling through my mind… the call for me to journey into the desert swelled within me like a sand storm, sweeping through all the little nooks and crevices of my mind. I couldn’t help but think that I should have simply stayed in Cairo when I stopped over.

My blood is pulsing, calling for more adventure. I’m coming home. But I can tell you right now, I won’t be home for too long…

Check out the videos. Look at life sparking out of the musicians’ hands and smiles, out of the girls’ dancing, out of their eyes.

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