Tuning Pegs

*This photo is the rare example that falls under the classification of photo art rather than a pure photograph. Normally, I adhere to strict editing standards with my photography, merely fine tuning (no pun intended) details such as contrast and the occasional lens dust. However, sometimes a subject I’ve photographed inspires me to experiment further. Photographs that have been manipulated beyond photographic standards will be always be clearly marked as photo art.

Bend the imagination just a pinch and you gain new perspectives on the everyday cityscapes that surround you. This structure can be found in Kansas City, MO. Some call them the UFO Towers. I see futuristic guitar tuning pegs.

Limited Edition Photograph
Only 30 photographic reproductions of this image are available.

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11×14: $42.00
16×20: $55.00

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**more sizes available upon request

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