Coronavirus. Humanity around the globe is currently fixated upon this word, this concept, this virus. Life as we knew it in our capitalist-driven, global network has literally stopped. The worldwide halt we are currently experiencing has been a gradual process, first occurring in Wuhan, China in January of this year (2020) with the affecting ripples extending to all corners, all countries by March.

Aside from having the global economy on a standstill and more than a handful of countries on government mandated lockdowns, as of this post, the virus has infected more than a million people and has reportedly killed hundreds of thousands. (RIP.) We are three months in the midst of what has been officially deemed a global pandemic. Personally, I have extremely strong doubts about the information we’re being fed. I am convinced we are not getting the whole story – not even close.

Yet, that is not what I’m interested in exploring in this post. I simply wanted to provide some real world context as, yet again, I move to “re-start.”

Writing. I truly miss and long for this time with myself – this time dedicated to reflecting on my experiences and fleeting thoughts – allowing me to learn, polish and grow. I’m convinced writing is most therapeutic.

We, as a global community, are enshrouded in uncertainty. How long will this global halt last? How long will our global and local economies be shut down? How long can we make our scant savings last before the looming threat of not-enough-for-food becomes too real? What’s to become of our debt – that we simply cannot pay without a functioning capitalist system?

Before coronavirus slammed into humanity, we had only just started hitting our stride with our coffeeshop venture. The story of our grassroots LIVE coffee concept is one ridden with tough challenges and just when we saw the proverbial light – maybe our crazy dream really might be able to economically sustain us – the coronavirus pandemic shut us down.

So here we are… No income. Thousands in debt. Scant savings. Already sub-par living conditions (relative to my middle class upbringing of course) due to big sacrifices for self-funding the coffeeshop. But, time… we have a lot more time. Honestly, getting the coffeeshop concept off the ground, most literally consumed us. I fell out of very healthy habits as I allowed “making it” with the coffeeshop to take over my life.

Thus, amidst a constant battle to keep pulling my mind and spirit from the “doom and gloom” fog settling over all of us, I’m urging myself of focus and re-focus. Let’s get back to the basics. Let’s re-start those healthy habits.

Thanks to Oprah and Deepak, again I am starting my day with meditation. The influential duo periodically team up to offer free “21-day Meditation Experience” programs. I’ve participated in past programs as well as their current program that’s just wrapping up. The central message of HOPE during this particular experience couldn’t have been more spot on. I’m most grateful for their generosity with this program.

During today’s mediation, at one point I found myself entering into a labyrinth. I began following the path, choosing between a few turns when I suddenly found myself at the end of the labyrinth but… going back into it. I started again, choosing between a few turns to make my way back to the start. Then a thought occurred to me, “mark the way!” Thus, I head back to the end of the labyrinth so I can make a mark at each turn. I progressed again, moving through the labyrinth and heading towards the start when I my consciousness left that vision.

We have a decision to make and a situation to resolve with our landlord for the rental space of our coffeeshop amidst this coronavirus crisis. I interpreted this encounter I had with the labyrinth as a clue to how we should approach the issue: reverse engineer the situation in order to arrive at a better, more informed decision.

My next morning “re-start” habit? Fill up my big glass jar with room temperature water. Starting your day with vital, life-sustaining water is an easy habit to develop… but it’s just as easy to suddenly realize you’ve spent two weeks without getting the proper daily intake of pure water. Drink up dearies!

Water is followed by daily exercise. Right now, it’s usually running. I’ve thrown a bit of youtube yoga into the mix, but I’m waiting to get our cramped space more organized so I can practice yoga more comfortably. When we moved into our current studio located out in the jungle, we were neck deep with high season and changes at the coffeeshop. Organizing our living space took a back seat. The daunting task of somehow fitting everything from living on a large ranch property, complete with it’s own work shed, into a studio set up (with decent patio space mind you) simply required too much energy while in the midst of setting up an “emergency” coffeeshop location (so-to-speak) during high season. Finally, we are now able to dedicate time to making the most of every nook and cranny. It’s coming along… I plan to incorporate yoga daily, in addition to the morning run, as we progress with organizing our studio.

Among the usual tasks that end up occupying the day, I’m working on “re-starting” my writing – hence this post – and I’m looking to make the most of free education on the internet. The two main areas I wish to further polish my skills: i. continued spiritual development ii. finances. Time to start fashioning those imagined results… Wish me luck!

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