Mixed Media Art: Clara Berta

I found Clara Berta and her art classes thanks to a ‘Google alert’ for “Los Angeles.”

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By Clara Berta

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When we create something, we give it our complete undivided attention. We immerse ourselves within the process. The music or the paint or the wood and the cake flour or the patch of fertile ground in the back garden lifts us over the difficulties we have and takes us away from ourselves, despite the fact that what we may be producing is incredibly internal. Producing art offers us something to look forward to and will take us outside of ourselves. It offers us hope…

Clara Berta is a globally renowned combined new media artist who focuses on painting lessons los angeles, classes and everything else. Interior designers simply adore this modern art and she is also most desirable for her popular collage painting in Los Angeles. For anyone who loves art, she surely does not let down!

Further delving into art has long been an objective of mine so I eagerly contacted Clara. She invited me to a free introductory class, where I discovered how much I LOVE to throw paint and whatever else onto a canvas. Perhaps I’m not making anything worth anything but I don’t care… just the creative process… the journey of turning a blank canvass into well, something, if not art… is utterly liberating!

I’m so grateful for Clara’s mentoring and her willingness to share her creative expertise with me along with her creative workspace in her own home. Clara is a most welcoming woman who takes joy in sharing her passion with others.

I will definitely see her again next week!

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  1. I cant claim that I am an expert in Art, but for sure I can conceder my self an expert of knowing how I feel when I see beauty. Although I am a film and TV Producer.
    Recently I was introduced to Clara Berta’s art, I have to admit it was and still is a breath taking experience and for the 1st time I can feel the artist in his work and paintings. it did touch me in many ways, in ways I cant even express or to explain.
    Clara’s mix of materials, colors, and Technics is very special and extremely creative.
    Then I see her students comment, and that made me know that for sure real art comes out of GIVERS, people who give what they have and share what they know to others.
    I am so glad that my eyes is open now to such Artist and Art. Then the words of her student did touch me even more.

  2. Laura ~

    It was such a pleasure meeting you last weekend.

    I enjoyed working beside you.

    Looking forward to our next artistic experience.

    ~ Karen

  3. When I first saw Clara’s work online I was so amazed. It was so vibrant and colorful and just called to me. When I saw that she offered art classes, I couldn’t resist signing up even though I was already taking classes from another teacher. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
    I love working with Clara! I’ve taken several classes from her now and it has really helped me explore my creativity. My art is beginning to take on a life of it’s own and truly be an expression of me. I am so grateful that I found her. She is an amazingly gifted artist and so much fun to be around.

  4. A few years ago, I discovered a new passion: painting and mixed media. Having a background in architecture and graphic design, I have been able to “walk alone” through the path of “self-learning”, at least in the beginning stages. As the years passed by, I only found time to start a painting during each school summer break. I started to feel frustrated, because each piece took me too long, and at the end I lost the inspiration necessary to finish them with an acceptable result. This year, I decided to find a teacher who could inspire me and help me develop my abilities before the summer would end, so I could continue painting during the year without interruptions. It took me one class to find myself again inspired, and by the end of my third class, I could not stop the ideas flowing from my head. Clara is an amazing teacher, but even more important than that, she is an amazing human being. She helps her students, provides ideas and creates an atmosphere that is conducive to creating and expressing the students’ inner self.

    For years my dream has been to eventually be able to do something productive with my art, to be able to decorate businesses or to participate in art exhibits even if they are small and humble. I feel that Clara can help me look for ways of fulfilling my dream, even if it is just for my own enjoynment.

    Thank you Clara for your help in this journey.

  5. Thanks Clara! What a great class last month!

    I have been painting almost every night since!

    I will be bringing two wonderfully talented artists with me for the next class in October.

    big huge thanks with lots of hugs!!!!


  6. I’ll be honest with you ladies, this is the first time I saw Clara’s style of mixed media and her students work. Looking at the painting for 20 mins and analyzing it made me think that Clara is an amazing teacher because she has brought out Laura’s hidden potential as a visual artist. Laura”s strokes are graceful and very consistent. Also it has good color contrast and rendering. It showed whats inside of the artist’s subconscious mind.the painting has good depth and balance of composition. Great work Ladies!!!

  7. I am running out the door for an interview, but I just wanted to say that I’m extremely touched by all those who are commenting here to show their support for Clara. The passionate comments about her art and leadership speak volumes of both the maestra and her students. You have really touched the lives of many Clara!

  8. Thank you for all your kind words and comments. I am also touched and excited to hear you are coming back Val and bringing friends to our next Ladies Night In, Thursday, October 21st. We are going to have blast celebrating with wine/cheese and releasing you inner artist.

  9. I own several pieces of Clara’s lovely artwork, and if my home were larger, would collect even more!! They bring such joy to the eye, and enhance my decor. Her positive energy radiates in her work.

  10. I have only known Clara for a very short time, Yet I feel I have known her forever..
    Saturday morning was my time come to her studio to create amazing pieces of collage.
    She is so patient, and inspirational, and loves to help people find their own voice.
    Thank You Clara

  11. Clara’s artistic style is definitely inspiring. I would love to be able to come up with my own masterpiece. Thanks for the inspiration, Clara.

  12. The paintings are great, very relaxing and soothing to the eye and it made me want to take a class. i will definitely read more about her.

  13. The paintings here are great! Thanks for sharing, I am definitely going to look up Clara Berta’s art classes.

  14. The paintings were really nice..very moving.. Now, I am more eager to pursue my passion with art. thanks!

  15. It sounds like Ladies Night In is a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of working with Clara on my art. I must give this a try. Sign me up!

  16. @Ramy And thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Your appreciation not only for art but for the act of giving is absolutely refreshing! I too, am extremely grateful to Clara.

    @Karen I thoroughly enjoyed spending my morning with both you and Clara on the creative block! Expressing ourselves and delighting in great company. Thank you!!

    @CJ So you leave us curious… where are you now with your art?? Where can we see your work??

    @Lindsey Will you be joining Clara again? Would love to meet more of her students!

    @Yvonne I totally agree! “Her positive energy radiates in her work.”

    @Lidia I get the same inspiration and encouragement from Clara’s mentoring that you speak of… she is truly a teacher who “nurtures” her students and their creativity.

    @Val Looking forward to meeting you!

    @Robert Your words utterly took me by surprise. I’m extremely humbled that you spent so much time observing my work. That, alone, inspires me to create more. Thank you.

    @Mark, @Naomi, @Melanie, @Ashley Come to class! 😉

    @Sonny Thanks!!

    @Emma Looking forward to seeing you!

  17. @LaCebollita What a wonderful thing to say… and you do too! Can’t wait until WE gravitate toward each other again! 😉

    @Kristelle I couldn’t agree more… “this is just the beginning of fireworks, blossoming events and delicious meals.”

    So, let’s talk Flamenco!! And I would love to share with you more about the dance classes… more that I found out. And, come to art class!!

    Missing you so much already!!

    @Clara She is! I think you two would get along great… so I hope to get you two together soon!!

  18. Laura has created lovely works of art and I can’t wait for her to come back and go deeper with mixed media. She has a great sense of color and loves texture.

  19. Clara, I am MOST anxious to delve back in once I’m back from my trip! I’ll be collecting all kinds of inspiration and materials to influence my art during my trip…

    Hugs to you… and good luck with the show!!

    And… thank you for all your wonderful support and for being such an amazing friend. 🙂

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