Mind Scraps: World Class Pro and Nothing Less!

What’s next?? Oh that seems to be the eternal question for me…

Answer? Typical. I don’t know. BUT, I do know… it’ll be WORLD CLASS! 😉

Please enjoy the following quotes!

Book: Guru

“Within each of us is a NATURAL PATH. Someone who ALIGNS themselves 100% to their PATH finds an EXTRAORDINARY sense of FLOW and ENERGY comes into their life or work.”

“Don’t trade movement for MOMENTUM.”

“The middle class trades time for money. The WORLD CLASS trades IDEAS that SOLVE PROBLEMS for money.”

Steve Siebold

“Amatuers tend to seek riches while PROS seek FULFILLMENT.”

“CHAMPIONS CREATE so much value in their QUEST for FULFILLMENT that they often develop substantial riches.”

“FULFILLMENT is a mental state CHAMPIONS experience as a result of their ELEVATED AWARENESS.”

“In essence, CHAMPIONS INVEST the necessary time and resources to DISCOVER what they LOVE to do and the FOCUS on doing it to the BEST of their ABILITY.” (This is what you were explaining to me… about you. I’ll be honest. The one ingredient to this I’ve struggled with thus far is FOCUS. The rest are in the bag. Wink wink.) “Their FULFILLMENT doesn’t come from the results of their ACTIONS but from the ACTIONS themselves.” (We both agreed on that one!)

“PROS seek FULFILLMENT first by LOVING what they do for a living.”

“The GREAT ONES have a sense of URGENCY because they are operating on a level of AWARENESS that constantly reminds us that the present moment is all any of us ever really have.” (HA! Just today a friend told me… ‘Laura. Chill. You always want action NOW. Slow down. Take your time. Thus HA! HA! HA! – Yes, that’s me gloating. – I can’t tell you how many times others have told me that I don’t have to do everything NOW. Pfffff… never listening to that advice again!)


“PROS tend to PURSUE LARGE, MAGNIFICENT VISIONS… they want to leave a LEGACY.”

“Make it your MISSION to DISCOVER the EMBERS that BURN within your SOUL.”

“PURSUE your DREAM BOLDLY and FIERCELY. It may be closer than you might think.”

“The real question to be answered is not the how-to but the WHY.”


“The great ones decide what they want, why they want it.”

“Obstacles are no match for a VISIONARY driven by RAW EMOTION.”

“Ordinary people are transformed into EXTRAORDINARY PERFORMERS who no longer recognize failure as an option.”

“Send the HARMONY of GREAT DESIRE vibrating through every fiber of your BEING. Find a task that will CALL FORTH your FAITH, your COURAGE, your PERSEVERANCE and your SPIRIT of SACRIFICE. Keep your hands and your SOUL CLEAN and your CONQUERING SPIRIT will flow freely.”

“Work smarter not harder. Learn from mentors and coaches.”

“Copy genius.”

“Instead of investing years in the school of hard knocks, the WORLD CLASS often reaches their heights by often standing on the shoulders of giants. CHAMPIONS are famous for building MENTOR teams who are already where they want to be… mentor teams GUIDE, TEACH, ADVISE and ENCOURAGE performers to THINK BIGGER and REACH HIGHER than ever before… MENTORS are continually prodding and pushing CHAMPIONS beyond their comfort zone.”

“COMMIT yourself to never ending PERSONAL GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT.”

“CHAMPIONS invest time in GETTING BETTER.” (you again)

“SCHOOL is never out for the GREAT ONES.”

“A never-ending cycle of SELF-EDUCATION is the centerpiece of WORLD-CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS.”

Bill Gove (The Father of Professional Speaking)

“When you’re doing something you LOVE to do the only REWARD you need is the EXPERIENCE of doing it.”

Walter Hailey

“The ultimate source of information and the whole world’s LIVING WISDOM lies in the minds of others… all you have to do is ASK.”

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