Mind Scraps: UFOs over the Riviera Maya

The first night at my new beachfront abode… suddenly the five young men I would be calling my roommates for the next two months all became excited little boys. “Come out and look! Quick!” They were on the outside terrace where one can relax and drink in the stunning view of the gem-shaded Caribbean sea. But now it was dark, and their gazes were directed upward, toward the night sky. With a fine green lazer, one of them, whom I call Natural Caretaker, directed me: “Look. Look there. Do you see it?”

“See what? See what? I don’t see it!” I rattled, caught up in the excitement.

“The moving stars, the UFOs,” was his response.

“What??!” I marveled. “UFOs??!!”

Then, I saw exactly what they were talking about: A pinprick in the sky that would be a far off star if only it didn’t zigzag around the darkness in random bursts and spinning trajectories. Too fast for a plane, too far and too random of a movement to be a bird. Something strange was definitely moving in the sky.

“Oh my gosh!” I exclaimed. “What IS that?? How did you guys first see this kind of thing?? Oh my gosh! This is crazy!! But I see it! What magic! How exciting!”

I shivered with eerie intrigue. If it had been just one other person, I might have doubted our eyes… but all six of us were out there, marveling. Then we spotted another, and another and yet another.

“Wow. The activity is really crazy tonight,” Natural Caretaker said.

“You mean you don’t usually see this much??” I prodded.

“Never,” he responded. “It’s never been this active. Usually we spot one or two, maybe three in a span of several hours. This is the most activity I’ve ever seen.”

“Something’s happening,” another, Chihuahua Stud, said.

“They’re celebrating my arrival today,” I said with a twinkle in my eye. “Nah, I’m kidding. Hahaha.”

“No. Maybe they are… maybe you brought some magic,” Chihuahua Stud shrugged.

For the next few hours we divided our attentions between virtual distractions on our computer and extraterrestrial distractions in the sky. All the while, I marveled. I didn’t imagine that a group of young men that work for a company like Traveo would believe such things, let alone be so in-tune to spot something like that themselves. Life is constantly introducing me to the most surprising and intriguing people, I marveled to myself.

As things here on the Riviera Maya continue to eerily fall into place and become intriguingly stranger and awing, I can’t help but rejoice in knowing that I made the decision to follow the random call in my heart… Go to the sea!

The next night, the moving stars, UFOs, be what they may, were back…

Also spotted again tonight… my third night here.

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