Mind Scraps: The Spirit Prince

“You, as I already told you, are a gift, a marvelous talent. You have a most unique, contagious energy that affects everyone!! You are love as a person. There is overwhelming kindness in you. You represent my vision of life: TO ENJOY IT!

Tu ya te dije que tienes un don, un talento maravilloso!! tienes una energia UNICA que contagia a todos!! eres un amor de persona, hay muchisia bondad en ti, y representas mi vision de vida, DISFRUTARLA!

I received those humbling, heart-warming words just after The Spirit Prince returned home after his Riviera Maya vacation. I met him while working with Traveo. He was a part of the many groups Traveo hosts for “spring break” vacations in Cancun. At just 18, he’s another young one… and another whose spirit has left me speechless. For the first time in my life, I encountered someone whose energy matched my own. Always flashing a brilliant smile, he is positive light and I witnessed how all of his friends look to him for life. His charm: irresistible. I saw how he could turn a girl’s frown upside in minutes. Tenderly cupping her face in his hands, and directing a kind and loving gaze straight into her eyes, he would whisper in her ear, telling her how beautiful she was. More precious than gold, he would say. Don’t shed your tears for those who don’t deserve to see the fallen pearls. Cruel words dissolve before your beauty. Take heart! (No the girl wasn’t me. :P)

If the music was playing, he was dancing. When the music wasn’t playing… he was still dancing. Dancing, rejoicing, celebrating the living beat of life!

I quickly recognized The Spirit Prince encountered the magic in life that I encountered. We shared philosophical discussions and for once, my lips were nearly (hahaha) sealed as I listened to my own words, my own heart pour forth from another’s soul speech. At just 18, he had come to know deep truths that I learned and am still learning while roving the globe in my 20s. So young, yet so soulfully wise! I marveled.

Since he left the Riviera Maya, The Spirit Prince and I have kept in good touch. I’d like to share but just a few of the many loving words he has sent me, so that their light might reach more than just me. Can you believe there are young men in this world that feel as he feels, have the courage to share what he shares? How heartening!!

“Go for it pretty, sweet Laura!! You are wow and it’s always worth it for you to be inspired, in good spirits because you are someone who the world wants to see standing proud. I care about you so much!!”

Echale ganas Laurita hermosa!! Eres wow y vale la pena siempre estarte animando porque eres alguien a quien el mundo quiere ver con la frente en alto!! Te kiero muchisisimo!!

The Spirit Prince is constantly reminding me to look toward the sky to, as he says, admire her beauty, receive her love and the love of others reigning down upon me. Once, he even went so far as to compare me with Earth’s queen of the night…

“Have you seen how the moon doesn’t show her face (tonight)? She is very jealous of your lovliness!! Poor, little moon. Jealous of the beauty that resides in you, which outshines her own!”

Ya viste que la luna no aparece? esta muy celosa de tu hermosura!! 😉 pobre luna, celosa de que la belleza este en ti y opaque la de ella!

He says that I give him energy, strength and light:

“I miss you so much Laura. When I’m stressed and exhausted, I imagine you at my side and this relaxes me and makes me feel safe. It sounds ridiculous, but I love to imagine you there watching me and this motivates me!”

Te extraño mucho Laura, cuando ando estresado o con sueño, te imagino a mi lado y eso me relaja y me siento seguro 🙂 suena ridiculo pero me encanta imaginarte ahi viendome y eso me motiva!!

“Thank you Lau!! It fills me with energy to know that you believe in me!”

Gracias Lau!! Me llena de energia saber que tu crees en mi!

But the truth is, he shines with a brilliance that lights my own path:

“Remember that I am here for whatever you might need! If you need to talk by phone, I’ll talk to you! I don’t want to see sad faces in your messages dear Laura. Take heart!!! Live life!! Smile, for your smile is more beautiful than the sunsets of the beach!!”

Acuerdate que aki me tienes para lo que NECESITAS! neta!!!! si necesitas que te hable por telefono te hablo! pero no quiero ver caritas tristes en tus mensajes amore laura! ECHale ganas!!! vive la vida!! venga sonrie que tu sonrisa es más hermosa que los atardeceres en la playa!!

“Look Lau, you are an incredibly talented artist, you are a brilliant woman and, above all, you have a form of being that is of utmost value!”

Mira Lau, tu eres una artista super talentosa, eres una mujer brillante, y sobre todo, tienes una forma de ser super valorado!

“You are a type of person that is born but once every thousand years. Make the most of yourself! Do only that what you most desire, sweetheart. Alone, you will never be, you already have this as an advantage: I’m here supporting you!!”

Tu eres una persona que nace en la tierra cada mil años! Aprovechate!! Haz lo que mas quieras hacer corazon! 😉 Sola nunca vas a estar ya tienes eso de ventaja 😉 De aki te apoyo!!

I’m one in a millenia?? Oh how sweet is the beautiful young man who doesn’t recognize the HE is the true diamond in the rough!

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