Mind Scraps: No to Nonsense, Yes to Progress!

So my stint with Traveo is already over. While the job looked fun on paper – beach lounges, sunset cruises, nights at the club and beachfront accomodation (with Mexico’s infamous soccer star Hugo Sanchez as a neighbor) – in reality it had its problems. Yet, my blog isn’t for spreading “chisma” as they say here in MX, so let’s just say that from my experience I wouldn’t necessarily recommend working with the outfit and leave it at that.

That being said, I wasn’t all sour. I did live in a beautiful beachfront abode for two weeks, enjoyed runs along the night surf, cruised at sunset, danced my heart out and met some most touching souls (the Boy King of Spirit and others) … even a famous soccer player!

I ended up playing one-on-one sand soccer with Patricio Araujo of Chivas. He couldn’t put one past me… nor I him. We collapsed in the sand at a draw. But dude, a pro futballer couldn’t beat me!! Hahaha… On a real field with a more realistic match, I’m sure he’d have his chance to outshine. But hey, when it came down to sleep deprived one-on-one on the beach “El Pato” met his match! Mwahahaahaha… He did beat me in volleyball though. What I’d like to know is… when are my tryouts with Chivas??? Also exchanged a brief hello with Pato’s teammate Edgar Mejia.

Want to note that, from what I saw, Pato is a rather down-to-earth, genuine guy. He picked up stray trash and always made a point to leave things where he found them. He was courteous and gracious with the hotel staff. He didn’t act like a soccer diva at all… except in having a little trouble accepting that I might be a better contender than he anticipated. Hehehehee…

…Unfortunately, though, the ill ended up outweighing all that wonderful goodness. The job with Traveo had some MAJOR perks, yet the last few days I was suffering – emotionally and spiritually. So, with a sincere nod of good luck I said: Thanks. But no thanks. No more. I was losing my spirit and wasn’t making much. Some camera equipment had been damaged the very first night. The atmosphere, while fun, wasn’t exactly in line with my professional aims. It just wasn’t worth sticking with it…

Moving forward…

After tapping out, I immediately contacted the director at Dream Art Photography. From the moment I first connected online with one of the founders and learned about the company and its concept, I was eager to become involved. The photo agency had originally indicated that it might be better to start a little later, when the high tourist season hit, which is why I went ahead with the offer from Traveo. Thus, I was hoping the two weeks I did spend with Traveo had bought enough time and I could get something going with Dream Art.

With luck, the director – who splits his time between studios in Puerto Vallarta and Playa del Carmen – was in Playa. We could meet!

The meeting went great. Those that I met that work with Dream Art seem extremely professional, yet genuinely friendly. Always smiling. Always welcoming. They all professed to love their job. Excellent sign. None of that surprised me though. I’ll be officially feeling it out later this week. I must say… I’m pretty excited. I have a great feeling… about a great company with great people. 😀

On a side note, I’d like to add that today I met a didgeridoo player, a top chef, a musician that plays 17 instruments, a sculptor and a French smart ass (in a good way… hahaha). Seriously, how enchanting is this world?? What a mix of intriguing characters to meet in one day!! I’m eager to get to more about each and every one!

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