Mind Scraps: Bound for Mexico

Bob came by for lunch. He has treated me several times so this time I cooked him a veggie stir-fry with my infamous salad. Of course, I’ve learned yet more about Bob and his most interesting life pursuits. Looking forward to kicking it with him this weekend before I go.


Had an invigorating swim and sauna today thanks to Brad. I love moving through the water. I do miss the natural spring pools of El Pilar in Gutemala though. My eyes burn right now from the heavily chlorinated pool at 24 Hour Fitness.


Further conversation with a representative from the Norawas de RarĂ¡muri organization and plans are moving full steam ahead. I am scheduled to rendezvous with her in El Fuerte March 2nd!

Word just in from my friends in San Antonio: Come on over!

A man involved with a new film project involving the Tarahumara has contacted me. The film “Being the Diablo” should be appearing in film festivals around the world soon. Here’s his synopsis of the film:

The story is about Mickey Mahaffey, a 50 something year old man. Mickey was a successful high school athlete, spent some time as a preacher, got married, had kids, owned a home, had 2 or 3 businesses of his own. Then life went down the tubes.

He has some health problems…then some psychological problems. Wife and Kids left……business failed. Mickey ended up in a mental hospital. Finally realized the only way to heal…was to heal himself …in his own way.

Sold his house, car, and most possessions. Found a camp spot in the woods near Asheville and lived outside. Became an advocate for the homeless. Attended City Council meetings. Ran for city council…and lost. ALL while living in a tent with the homeless folks on the street.

Then he started walking …..first short hikes, then long hikes.

Then longer hikes.

Walked down to Mexico and basically stumbled into a Tarahumara village. Stayed down there. Developed a relationship with the people. After living there for some time he was invited to participate in their Semana Santa ritual celebration…which is a mixture of indigenous spirituality and the Catholicism brought in to the region in the 1500s by the Jesuits. Mickey was the non-Tarahumara to be invited to “be a diablo” during Semana Santa. Mickey basically found his soul…his salvation ….living among the Tarahumara.

He now lives part time down there…and part time in Asheville.

The documentary is about Mickey …his life here….his life there….his attempts to mend broken relationships with his family here.

View the movie trailer:


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