Mamitas Photogs in Playa del Carmen

I popped in on old photog friends who work at Mamitas Beach, right in the heart of the seaside action in Playa del Carmen, MX. Marco and Joakin are both excellent photographers who have beautiful spirits. Both of them are like dear brothers to me. We tease. We play. We all share a passion for photography!

Check out their work at Memory Makers and Playa Wedding Studios.

3 Replies to “Mamitas Photogs in Playa del Carmen”

  1. Looks like the website is getting a reboot after all, though it’s loading slower it seems. Like the new logo.

  2. Ufff yes… struggling to find the time to really put in the time to give it a proper redesign. Trying to get to it ASAP! Thanks for your support and patience… warm hugs!!

  3. Maybe it’s in the blood…and yet this feeling gnaws at him, this sense of something not being fed by his life.  He wants beauty, color, form, something that whispers magic to him.

    There is only one thing I dread: not to be worthy of my sufferings.

    Observations worth highlighting to share with you on this, most idle of evenings, even if they have many miles to cross, mountain to climb, valleys to plunge and deserts to thirst from.

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