Mach 6

So much has happened lately. One life experience slamming into the next:

My grandmother died. Doris McNamara would have been 81 this August. I can’t help but think she is now finally relieved from her discomfort, which grew with her age these past years. I know my grandfather, my dad, James, Susanne, and Maureen are all struggling with her absence. I’ve kept them all in my prayers. The funeral was a small one in a quiet town outside of Kansas City. I did have fun catching up with all my young, beautiful cousins. They all play soccer! I’m so proud!

I checked off another life goal… an’ I owned that mechanical bull!! Hahaha. I rode that sucker three times, and I can assure you “I done good. Real good.” ; )

My days at Learfield are now numbered. All I have to say is, it’s time for me to refocus and go after my dreams with renewed vigor. My farewell is a sweet one… I have learned and earned some invaluable assets from time spent at the Missourinet.

Looks like I’ll be signing on to a new free lance reporting deal. I’m eager to get started! Details to come.

I’m signed up for Habitat for Humanity May 19th. I’m pretty excited about this too!

My next goal: enroll in school or jet.

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