Just Some Quick Notes

Farmland stretching to the mountains outside San Pedro Sulas, HondurasThe mountains are right outside my window… it feels as if I could just reach out and touch them. The clouds danced among their peaks all day.

We toured the Cerveceria Hondurena, or Honduran brewery today. There’s only one in the entire country and it carries four brands of beer. Salva Vida, Imperial, Port Royal and Barena. While we were at the brewery it started to pour in sheets of rain. It was as if someone just turned on the switch. It stopped just as suddenly about ten minutes later. It is the rainy season…

Our hosts from FIDE (Honduras’ Foundation for Investment and Export Development) are awesome! Streetside vendor in HondurasIt’s already as if I’m old friends with them instead of just some foreigner… They’ve given me all kinds of tips on where to go, restaurant recommendations, local secrets to fending off mosquitoes… I’m falling in love with this country… and it’s been less than 24 hours.

I suspected this…

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