Jewels and Windows

This weekend just gets better and better! I already mentioned my plans to attend Spelling Bee at the Fox on Sunday. Now, Saturday is shaping up to be pretty dazzling as well. First, I’m planning on doing some work for Habitat for Humanity through the Crossing Church in Columbia. But I’ll have to jet early for a wedding. The wedding is being held at the Jewel Box in Forest Park – just newly renovated. The reception will be at Windows on Washington. Both places have quite the reputation! Not to mention the best part… I finally get to catch up with Jeany and congratulate her in person on her pregnancy!

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  1. HI Laura,

    I am enjoying the blog. Interested in your news… I also want you to make it to the wedding on time, so you probably should go to Forest Park, not Faust Park, to find the Jewel Box. Maybe we can take you to the Climatron and Shaw’s Garden next time you visit if you like gardens…

    Dave Riazi

  2. Ah yes, I made the edit… Thanks! I was just looking up the Butterfly House too, which IS in Faust Park… thus my slip up.

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