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In all honesty, although Michael had caught much of my attention, I wasn’t expecting too much. I had plans for Honduras and they didn’t include staying in SPS for too much longer. But, Michael was a go-get(her)… 😉

The next day Michael came and picked me up for our lunch date with Carlos. We met Carlos and his Spanish friend Rosa at a cute little Italian restaurant that, as it turns out, has some great pesto pizza. During lunch, I elaborated more on my plans to deliver the donation to the Chorti Maya and explained I would be leaving the next day for Copan Ruinas. By the time lunch was over, a few subtle hints from Michael led me to realize he might want to join me. I asked. Michael accepted. So I decided to postpone leaving until he got off work (his work week includes Sat mornings). In the meantime, Michael and I made plans to hit up Klein Bohemia again that night. However, KB didn’t happen. Michael wound up working extra late Friday night so we could get an earlier start to Copan the next morning. How sweet! When he finally made it over to Jason’s at about midnight, we opted for a little R&R and then a goodnight kiss with plans to head out the next morning.

Michael and I really connected on the bus ride to Copan. We talked about everything. Life, personal growth, religion, spirituality, music and more. We were so comfortable with each other. It wasn’t long before I felt as if I had known Michael more than just two days!

Copan is quite the quintessential romantic little village. Cobblestoned streets. Cowboys on the corners. Stunning mountain vistas. Lush ferns and palms. My plan was simply to stay at the Iguana Azul hostel I enjoyed so much during my last visit. But, the hostel didn’t have a room when we arrived. The Casa de Cafe bed and breakfast next door, however (same owners), was quite the romantic upgrade and it did have a room readily available just for us. Imagine that… ;). Since I was a repeat customer the owner knocked $10 off the price as well. How wonderful!

Michael and I feasted on meat that evening then went dancing at Papa Chango’s that night. I love to salsa dance! The next day, we set off to track down Billy and Mary, the inspiring couple who’s lives are now devoted to improving one of the poorest population’s in Honduras. But, Billy and Mary were no where to be found! Eventually, we found out they were back in the States for a aid conference. But the good news was, they’d be returning soon and I would still be able to deliver the donation before I left country. Since the rest of the afternoon was ours and I had missed the ruins the last time I had visited Copan, we made it a priority. The ruins were quite impressive as expected. It’s humbling to stop and meditate about how the ancient Mayan civilization constructed pyramids and created fine, intricate artwork from stone eight, nine centuries before the existence of modern technology. Michael and I had a relaxing and calm afternoon strolling through the remaining remnants of another era, another people, another culture. At one point, I insisted on shadowing a guide for a little bit. But, I have to admit, it wasn’t to hear the history so much as it was to soak in his sing song Spanish accent. I’m not going to lie, the Spanish accent from central America is like honey to my ears and the guide’s accent was really thick. Michael, who grew up speaking more English than Spanish at his bilingual school, speaks English like just like a gringo. Impressive… yet I still liked to dote on accents when I could. 😉

We were at Cafe Villamil that evening when Michael and I got a little serious about our feelings. I couldn’t believe it as I was saying it but I was willing to try to “be” with Michael. Typically, I shy away from anything too serious, knowing the reality that I live a life of travel and not wanting to make promises I didn’t want to keep. But, for reasons I didn’t really fully know, I wanted to give all of that love, relationship mumbo jumbo a go with Michael. I don’t say what I don’t mean. I meant it with Michael. I couldn’t believe I was willing to jump into a relationship with him and that he was right there ready to jump with me… but, I did know I wanted it!

Soooo… early early early in the a.m. Monday morning, Michael and I left Copan “together.” But, the plan of how that “together” would work was as yet a bit fuzzy. I had plans to go back to Jungle River Lodge and visit friends I had made my last time through. I also had designs to take off to the Bay Islands, for a trip I didn’t get to make my during last visit to Honduras. But now, I wanted to spend what time I had with Michael… before I left.

For starters, I decided to stay one night in SPS before I took off for Jungle River Lodge in La Ceiba. I wanted to keep my word and visit my friends, so I would stick to those plans at least. Michael worked long hours during the week anyways, so I planned to come back for the weekend to see him. The Bay Islands could wait. Meeting Michael’s parents on the other hand, wouldn’t be a long wait. What started off as just “keeping my bags at Michael’s til I found a hostel” turned into me staying the night at Michael’s house. Whew! This was moving fast! Michael was the nervous one though. He said his last girlfriend of 11 months didn’t visit his house more than a handful of times… and here I was already spending the night! Michael’s parents extended a warm and friendly welcome, fed me breakfast, lunch and dinner and set up a mattress in the upstairs room. Wowza.

To be continued…

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