Hope and Dreams

Earlier today I spoke with a person whom I care for deeply… that person needed a friend… because he was struggling and was a little disheartened at the prospect of losing a dream that, lately, had seemed to have been within reach. He wrote to me and thanked me afterwards for listening to him… and then I just felt compelled to urge him not to lose hope. And some of what I wrote struck me as a good reminder for anyone to have:

“It might seem wise, not to get your hopes up. But, I actually think that’s discouraging advice. What’s life without hope? What’s faith without hope?… I’m praying for you, and I pray you NEVER quit dreaming. Dreams are what make us strive for the great things God wants to give us. Never quit.”

Really, what I wrote is just echoing what I’ve been reading in “The Sacred Romance.” That book is teaching me a new way to think. And I think it’s helping.

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  1. Hi Laura,
    I loved reading about the fountains! I’ll be praying for you as you requested in a previous post. Also, I know about the invisible children, so sad…we did a gulu walk from Forest Park to the Arch to raise money for them last fall…Mia and Dare walked too! (Dave trailed us in the van for kid’s breaks). It was the same mileage they walk in Sudan each night and morning…really eye opening and heartbreaking. I did hear things are improving there a little.

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