Honduras Update…

Right now, I’m sitting on a teeny tiny little balcony, listening to trucks rumble by on the
cobbled streets, Latin music blaring from their windows… sipping un licuado (shake/smoothie).

Iguana Azul, the place where I’m staying is SUPER nice. I got a cheap dorm room with three other girls for a little more than $5 a night. I haven’t met the girls yet though. Communal bathrooms but everything is spic and span.

Honduras reminds me a lot of SE Asia. A tremendous amount of poverty in the similar rusty bucket and brittle wood shacks, but plenty of affluence as well. Acres of green palms and jungles canvassing the mountains and valleys. The people seem much more relaxed, laid-back and approachable here though. Honduras also has tuk-tuks. They’re called mototaxis here though.

I still have much to write about my first week on the agritour. I’m working on that. My brain is simply overloaded with info right now. My creativity is consequently at a zero.

I met this really southern white couple in a shop while I was looking for face wash. And it turns out, they’re doing GREAT things. They’re helping locals start small goat farms and the wife has helped 13 families set up water and plumbing in their homes, or something like that. Tomorrow the guy is going to a couple villages to build houses for Habitat for Humanity. I’ve decided to go too both to help out and to get their story. So, that is the plan for tomorrow. I’m in Copan, a big tourist spot for locals and foreigners because of the ancient Mayan ruins that are just a kilometer away from here. While there are bigger Mayan ruins in Guatemala, these ruins are considered the most artistic and cultural. They’ve been dubbed the “Athens of Central America.” I came to Copan to check them out, but it looks like I’ll do the Ruins the next day.

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