Finding Time to Write… Again.

Wow. The last post on this blog was published four years ago. Four years… so cliché, but WHERE does the time go?? So much has happened and so much has gone unchronicled in those four years. We’ll see how much comes up as I again take to the electronic keypad…

Time and again I would admit out loud how much I missed writing… writing for myself. At certain moments, I would realize just how much writing and thus, reflecting, about my own life would serve me as a therapeutic tool. I have already correlated that my inner state of contentment about my own success seemed higher when I took the time to write versus when I did not. Yet, so much time in front of the computer editing images, building and updating my company’s website, emails, etc… left me very reluctant to dedicate yet more time in front of the computer to write.

But today, a TED Talk has convinced me of something I already knew: it’s worth it. I’ve started watching Ted Talks while I’ve had to tackle long hours of tediously editing the photographs I capture. It was a smart move. My over-active brain gets to soak up 20 to 25 minute nuggets of invaluable information so many of the world’s greatest minds have to share, while I slave away editing the images. Yes… slave. I LOVE capturing images. I am so burnt out on editing them.

Biggest priority to date: Earn enough income to delegate key tasks that are a part of the operations of my business… with post-production image editing among the first tasks to delegate.

Anyway, today I listened to Conor Neill re-iterate the fact that “writing down your life” is a prime tool to one of three major keys to being successful – said key being: Adaptive Intelligence.

Interested? Listen to his presentation here:

And I hence, I have decided that it is imperative to my own success to again find the time to write.

So after what has really been a 5+ year hiatus… the silly thoughts, opinions, stories, interests and perspectives of Laura “Rico” McNamara once again go digital.

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