Find the Magic

My friend Loic, the couchsurfer who hosted me in France, just emailed me. And, even through an electronic email, I was so affected by his enthusiasm and pure spirit. I said before that Loic is a treasure, a simply stunning person. I can feel his zeal for life through his words… I mean I really feel it. Can you?

For me it’s more than busy, and I have taken the time to analyse where
I am, and where I want to go
. In a way, I’m impressed to look at what
I have done, but I’ve also the paradoxical impression that “the more
you learn, the more you realise you have to learn”
So to summarize last months, difficult, full of learnings, magic, and
… In few words, amazing evolutions

I will leave from my job in september, I’m learning portuguese :), I’m
working more and more with six incredible young senegalese on an
incredible project (, with Nigerians on another project
in Niamey, I’m making informal microcredit (to my level) in Senegal,
and enjoying how magic can be the life. I go to work Senegal in less
than two months now… Finally for 4 weeks. So good
! I’ll come back to France by the road and the desert, through
Mauritania and Marocco for two weeks of holidays and to see some
friends. To sum up, that’s it ! Are you coming for the road ?? 🙂

You guys haven’t met Loic, but, I have… and I just wish I could describe the person he is… but that’s near impossible.

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