Down for the count…

The typical “travel sickness” hit me quite early this time. I’m not surprised… I’ve been running myself ragged for two months straight. I was actually anticipating it. The good news: I’m in a Marriott tonight, the last night of my work trip. So, I’ll be quite comfortable with anything I need readily accessible. Plus, it’s early in the trip, so I’m getting this out of the way early!

Tomorrow, the group is checking out super early in the a.m. to head to their flight home departing from San Pedro Sula, a few hours north. Right now I’m in Tegucigalpa. The other good news is, even though I’m sick, a very generous couchsurfer is offering to host me. I was planning to either go early with the group (because I actually want to head north in my travel plans too…), or to find a cheap guesthouse and stay an extra day or two here to recuperate and get better. When the couchsurfer that lives here that I had been in touch with heard that I was sick, he insisted that I stay and make myself comfortable at his place until I feel better. This is how couchsurfers are… so generous and compassionate! For those of you who are skeptical, Arturo has dozens of references that attest to his good character.

What a wonderful world we live in! I’m in a entirely foreign country (that I love!) and a perfect stranger is happy to extend his hospitality and care. Wish more stories like these would be reported by the media! ; )

I have MANY wonderful stories to tell from the “agri-tour.” Kristine with Global Communicatiors and Liliana and Fabian with FIDE put on an excellent tour that took us across Honduras. As soon as I feel better, I’ll get cracking on the many wonderful examples of business stewardship here! I can’t wait to share!

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