Foto Flashback: Vietnamese Monk

I was just browsing through my Flickr account and musing over the collection of photos I’ve managed to gather throughout my years of travel… which led me to a thought: why not start regularly posting a random photo from the past?

Hence the birth of Foto Flashback.

This photo is a portrait of a Vietnamese monk which I captured while on a guided motorcycle trip through the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Floods Devastate SE Asia

People wade in the chest deep floodwater Sunday, Sept. 27, 2009 in suburban Cainta, east of Manila, Philippines. Photo courtesy of’s a bit crazy to imagine that countries I was discovering two years ago in SE Asia are now swamped from a typhoon. The following excerpt is from the Radio Australia:

The Philippines is bracing for two more typhoons which are expected to hit the flood-ravaged country over the next two days. Emergency teams have been scrambling to help nearly half a million people left homeless by Typhoon Ketsana, which smashed into Manila on Sunday. It’s now moved on, bringing bring lethal floods to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. The disaster is prompting urgent questions about the efficacy of Asia’s disaster management plans.

Click here to read the entire account.

Might Crack a Smile…

I busted up laughing when one of my SE Asia travel buddies sent me this picture. Can you spot me? Yup, I’m the one that looks like a dead body slung over the back of the motorcycle. I think that was day four of our five-day guided moto trip through the mountains, villages, forests and jungles of Vietnam. As you can see, day four was rainy. I think it’s safe to say I was feeling a bit exhausted at that point… haha.

And this is a pic of my wonderful Austrian friend Claudia and I just before heading off to the MultiKulti Ball in Graz: