Mind Scraps: Spreading the Love

A friend of mine was having Photoshop fun with an image he took in a cave in Chihuahua, MX:

“:) Laura hace corazones (Laura makes hearts),” he said.

His words touch my heart. 🙂

Mind Scraps: Is Humanity Beginning to Trust Itself?

Right now, thanks to Couchsurfing, I’m in Cancun, MX sleeping in a luxurious house. A 19-year-old photographer who has traveled nearly as much as I have and who’s photographic accomplishments surpass my own, casually hosts me – the wayward traveler – as if it is a widely-accepted, worldwide custom. In the morning I awake. My host’s mother greets me and introduces herself before leaving for her morning exercise class. This is beautiful and inspiring. Humanity is beginning to truly trust in itself again.

Several small parrots are housed on the back patio. Their joyful squawks echo throughout the house cheerfully. In the small pool, two sea turtles swim…

After returning to the house, my host’s mother comes down the stairs, elegant in her black and white patterned dress. We’ve spoken to each other for no more than a total of five minutes in our lives. “Laura, would you like anything to drink?” she asks. “Juice or anything?”

“I have a glass of water here, thank you.”

“Okay, I’m off to work. What do you guys have planned for today?”

“Well, I know Stud Photog said his cousin is coming into town with some friends. We’ll go to the airport to pick them up. Aside from that, I’m not really sure.”

“When you get hungry, there’s fruit and whatever else you’d like in the kitchen.”

“Thank you,” I utter, feeling those words so inadequate for everything I was feeling and wanted to convey.

“Have a good day!” I called after her.

“You as well.”

Mind Scraps: Words that Speak to my Heart

Some more quotes I’ve pulled from Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior that truly hit home with me:

“All our journeys are sacred, and all our lives an adventure.” ~Dan Millman

“Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum; only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time.” ~Socrates

“Follow your nose; trust your instincts.” ~Socrates

“The important thing is this:
To be ready at any moment
To sacrifice what you are
For what you could become.”
~Charles Dubois

“A conventional world that repelled me for reasons I could not explain.” ~Dan Millman

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” John A. Sheed

“Days passed in dreamlike impressions of bright colors and strange scents as incense and cow dung blended in the oppressive heat.”

“Potent with spiritual force.”

“This ‘pay-attention-there’s-something-your-missing’ feeling became intolerable, like a fire in my belly. I felt like screaming, ‘what am I supposed to do?’” Continue reading “Mind Scraps: Words that Speak to my Heart”

Mind Scraps: New Soul, Warrior Soul

I call her La Cebollita because, well, that’s what she calls herself.

She sent the following to me in response to my post about the Pterodactyl:

I’m reading about the Pterodactyl and the Embracer, and I’m remembering how odd I sometimes feel around desensitized people, how disorienting their adaptation to ugliness is. I’m amazed at how easily they may insist that, because I have a healthy response to violence and other ugliness–that it is to be avoided and prevented, that it makes me sad and sometimes fiercely angry–so I am the one who is broken.

I know that this desensitization, it is what people do to survive in a violent world, I watch the men in my life pursue it like their very lives depend on it. And yet, they try to maintain their core humanity; they deeply value that which is creative rather than destructive.

As for myself, knowing as I have the personal face of violence, I’ve learned, mostly, to discern between my own fear, that which is both personal and personally archetypal, and my sense of outrage at what is destructive and wrong. It has taken a lot of work and has been deliberate.

Maybe you are looking after the survival of your own humanity, and that of others. Its difficult to protect oneself, one’s psyche and one’s humanity all at the same time. Yet, I think this is the definition of an ethical being.

And so, sending love–

I first read her email yesterday morning.

Now, I’d like to share an email I wrote to my dad on April, 15th… just before I started writing about… the ‘stranger things.’

Dad, I’m not being elusive… I’m being totally straight. I’m playing things as I go… seeing where life takes me. Following my heart. Beyond that… I don’t really have any real answers right now.

I apologize I can’t tell you anything more than: “I don’t really know… but I’m extremely happy knowing that I’m on my own personal pilgrimage to find out.”

If you think I’m wandering aimlessly, I’m not. I’m very dedicated to life leading me to something I feel is very big and very important… for me at least. It’s not wandering… it’s a personal pilgrimage. That’s the most I know. That’s the most I can tell you. Continue reading “Mind Scraps: New Soul, Warrior Soul”

Graveyard in Salzburg

A couple pics of a graveyard in Salzburg, Austra that I took in Mar 2008 and never found time to post. I was staying with an intriguing couchsurfer who was academic by day and death metal goth by night. He influenced my dark, graveyard pics. Click here to see more in my Flickr album.

Team Ethanol Wins!!!

Of course, Ryan has to win at a race I’m NOT covering. ; ) Nonetheless, it’s safe to say we’re all esactic about the win… EPIC, Zimmcomm and me!

Ryan Hunter-Reay recorded his first victory in 16 career IndyCar Series races as the Rahal Letterman Racing driver maneuvered the No. 17 Ethanol car around the 3.37-mile, 11-turn course to win the Camping World Grand Prix at The Glen.

Hunter-Reay overtook Darren Manning in the No. 14 ABC Supply Co. car for A.J. Foyt Racing in Turn 1 on a Lap 51 restart and hung on the remaining nine laps. Tony Kanaan finished third and Buddy Rice was fourth. Marco Andretti finished fifth. Dale Coyne Racing’s Bruno Junqueira was sixth and Mario Moraes seventh — IndyCar Series bests for both drivers.

“It’s a dream come true,” Hunter-Reay said. “American kid winning with ethanol on the side of the car. It’s an American team – Bobby Rahal gave me the job and now we’re in Victory Circle. I can’t tell you how happy I am. This is amazing.”

It was the first victory for Rahal Letterman Racing since Michigan in 2004 with Rice.

“I just got a good run on Darren, stuffed it down in there, and said I’ll deal with it when it happens,” Hunter-Reay said. “Then I got to the top of the hill, Darren popped to the outside so I stuck to the inside and we held on to it from there.”

IndyCar Series points leader Scott Dixon, who was seeking a series-record fourth consecutive victories at The Glen, finished 11th. His No. 9 Target Chip Ganassi Racing car spun in Turn 10 as he was warming up the tires under yellow on Lap 49 and was struck in the rear by the No. 6 Team Penske car of pole sitter Ryan Briscoe. Briscoe, who led a field-high 37 laps, finished 12th.

Dixon still widened his points lead from 43 to 48. Helio Castroneves, who started from the rear of the field after not recording a time in qualifications because of a steering issue, finished 16th and has 322 points.

Bigger than Imagination…

I don’t do it enough, but when I stop to think about the amazing complexities of our planet Earth – from subatomic particles like quarks to massive, erupting volcanoes – I feel dizzy and bewildered by such impressive and wonderful design and order in a seemingly chaotic world. And that’s just our planet. When you start thinking about everything outside this planet in space and beyond… well, most of it is simply unfathomable for me. But, NASA just released a new online tool that illustrates some of that “unfathomable” galactic design. NASA now offers an infrared map of our “neighborhood”: the Milky Way.

More than 800,000 frames from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope were stitched together to create this infrared portrait of dust and stars radiating in the inner Milky Way.

As inhabitants of a flat galactic disk, Earth and its solar system have an edge-on view of their host galaxy, like looking at a glass dish from its edge. From our perspective, most of the galaxy is condensed into a blurry narrow band of light that stretches completely around the sky, also known as the galactic plane.

In this mosaic the galactic plane is broken up into five components: the far-left side of the plane (top image); the area just left of the galactic center (second to top); galactic center (middle); the area to the right of galactic center (second to bottom); and the far-right side of the plane (bottom). From Earth, the top two panels are visible to the northern hemisphere, and the bottom two images to the southern hemisphere. Together, these panels represent more than 50 percent of our entire Milky Way galaxy.

Click here to read more.

Hello world!

That’s right. Hello from my new blog! “Hello World!” is actually the default example title when you create a new blog with WordPress Software… and I liked it. The title is simple, but aptly describes the excitement I feel about launching this bigger and better blog on WP. The best part is, I got to import all my posts from my old blog. So it’s all here! Yay!

I have much to catch up on both with posts and with the many widgets, gidgets and gadgets I plan to use to further customize my blog.

Lots of photos to edit still too! But, at the moment I’m in Nashville covering the CMA Music Festival for ZimmComm New Media. You can find all my coverage of the event at AgWired.com. In fact, I got to bolt and head to the Kick-Off Parade now…

I hope you enjoy the new site!

Feel free to leave questions, comments and suggestions…