The Breath of a Hummingbird

Sauntering down the walk of fame
weaving through the tourist’s game
I reminisce about a lovers’ frolic
relived amidst last night’s twilight revelry

the whisper of the hummingbird’s wings
pulsating at 90 beats per second
remind me of a magical encounter
that until now I have left forgotten

The day before Valentine’s day I took my bike out for a Sunday jaunt from Westwood to Santa Monica. My plan was to go explore YogaWorks, a yoga studio from which I had recently purchased a Groupon deal. After touring the yoga haven, I lingered… asking the attendant questions; enjoying a relaxing Sunday.

Tap tap tap…

The light beat came from the adjacent sun room. We peeked inside to discover a humming bird confused by the glass, frantically charging the clear panes in its desperate attempt to escape. “Oh no!” I lamented. “The poor thing looks like it’s going to have a heart attack. We have to help it escape!” Eying it’s sharp beak charging the window, I grabbed a soft pillow for protection and gently attempted to coax the little fluster of a hummingbird toward he open doorway in the opposite corner. Little by little I inched the little bird closer, but with each second he flew more frantically than the last, charging the panes with growing furor. Fearful he would die of fright, I dropped the pillow and, for the first time in this life, I witnessed a hummingbird stop. He landed on the sill and rested.

“Have you ever seen a hummingbird not flying?” I marveled in surprise.

Tap tap tap…

In the blink of an eye, the hummingbird was back to its frantic charge. Poised to lose ground we had already accomplished, I jumped up again with the pillow to keep coaxing the little guy toward his escape. Throughout the ordeal, he rested three more times before we could finally reveal to him his way out. The last time, he was so exhausted that his little head rested, tilted upon the glass; a tiny fog rising from it’s beak, clouding the window pane. A foggy cloud of hummingbird’s breath on the window pane. Alarmed… but enchanted! I had witnessed the breath of a tiny little hummingbird! To our delight, he escaped shortly thereafter. We watched him streak across the street and land in a tree… free at last.

Whimsical Weekend

The location of the wedding I shot Saturday (03.12.11). It looks like a cottage out of a fairytale. © Laura McNamara

This past Saturday I shot a cute little wedding at a lovely little house with my new business partner. I’m eager to share the news about “business partner” but still not quite ready to yet. So more wedding photos and more news to come!!

I spent Sunday afternoon in Shirley Temple‘s former house. The house is now home to Joe Bologna and Renée Taylor and the family was celebrating Renée’s birthday. One of my closest friends here in LA is their son. I really can’t say enough about his spirit for life and his open generosity to share that spirit with others. As with all Italian gatherings, the house was full and the food was delicious: anitpasiti of prosciutto and melon, Parmesan with truffles, tomato, mozzarella and basil, and more. We also had a delicious salad with chocolate orange vinaigrette along with homemade stone oven pizzas… my tummy was happy.

So between the wedding at the fairytale cottage and the old Hollywood celebrity birthday party I had quite the surreal and enchanting weekend!

World Map of Pollution

Wired has just published a world map of pollution, provided by NASA. Yikes!

Oh, and if your wondering why Africa and the Middle East has so much pollution… that would thanks to the Western World and China. We comprise the biggest consumers of oil, gold, diamonds and chocolate… all of which are largely mined/harvested from the region.

The map, as you can see above, shows a wide band of very high concentrations of particulate matter across the Sahara, Middle East, Central Asia and China, only interrupted by the Himalayas. Central Europe also shows a spike, including the south-east corner of England, and urban areas in North and South America stand out too.

The World Health Organisation’s recommended level is 10 micrograms per cubic metre, so anything on the map that’s green or above is cause for concern. Once in the lungs, the particles can cause asthma, cardiovascular diseases and bronchitis. Some very fine particles can even get into the bloodstream.

Read the entire blog entry by clicking here.

Dance Like No One is Watching…

Live like your last day
Drink like its water
Theres no tommorow
And you think no one can hear you
Raise your hands to be called on
You know all the answers
Your the most colourful thing that i’ve seen
Your the most colourful thing that i’ve seen
Your the most colourful thing that i’ve seen
You dance like no-one’s watching
Sing ’til the song ends
The you sing some more
And we can hardly believe it
Words that flow from your mouth,
Drink like its water
Your the most colourful thing that i’ve seen
Your the most beautiful thing that i’ve seen
Your the most colourful thing that i’ve seen
You are an enigma walking
Make no excuses for the way that you carry on
And we can hardly believe it
Words that flow from your mouth
Drink like its water girl
Drink like its water girl
Your the most colourful thing that i’ve seen
Your the most beautiful thing that i’ve seen
Your the most colourful thing that i’ve seen
You are so colourful


Mind Scraps: World Class Pro and Nothing Less!

What’s next?? Oh that seems to be the eternal question for me…

Answer? Typical. I don’t know. BUT, I do know… it’ll be WORLD CLASS! 😉

Please enjoy the following quotes!

Book: Guru

“Within each of us is a NATURAL PATH. Someone who ALIGNS themselves 100% to their PATH finds an EXTRAORDINARY sense of FLOW and ENERGY comes into their life or work.”

“Don’t trade movement for MOMENTUM.”

“The middle class trades time for money. The WORLD CLASS trades IDEAS that SOLVE PROBLEMS for money.”

Steve Siebold

“Amatuers tend to seek riches while PROS seek FULFILLMENT.”

“CHAMPIONS CREATE so much value in their QUEST for FULFILLMENT that they often develop substantial riches.”

“FULFILLMENT is a mental state CHAMPIONS experience as a result of their ELEVATED AWARENESS.”

“In essence, CHAMPIONS INVEST the necessary time and resources to DISCOVER what they LOVE to do and the FOCUS on doing it to the BEST of their ABILITY.” (This is what you were explaining to me… about you. I’ll be honest. The one ingredient to this I’ve struggled with thus far is FOCUS. The rest are in the bag. Wink wink.) “Their FULFILLMENT doesn’t come from the results of their ACTIONS but from the ACTIONS themselves.” (We both agreed on that one!)

“PROS seek FULFILLMENT first by LOVING what they do for a living.”

“The GREAT ONES have a sense of URGENCY because they are operating on a level of AWARENESS that constantly reminds us that the present moment is all any of us ever really have.” (HA! Just today a friend told me… ‘Laura. Chill. You always want action NOW. Slow down. Take your time. Thus HA! HA! HA! – Yes, that’s me gloating. – I can’t tell you how many times others have told me that I don’t have to do everything NOW. Pfffff… never listening to that advice again!)


“PROS tend to PURSUE LARGE, MAGNIFICENT VISIONS… they want to leave a LEGACY.”

“Make it your MISSION to DISCOVER the EMBERS that BURN within your SOUL.”

“PURSUE your DREAM BOLDLY and FIERCELY. It may be closer than you might think.”

“The real question to be answered is not the how-to but the WHY.”


“The great ones decide what they want, why they want it.”

“Obstacles are no match for a VISIONARY driven by RAW EMOTION.”

“Ordinary people are transformed into EXTRAORDINARY PERFORMERS who no longer recognize failure as an option.”

“Send the HARMONY of GREAT DESIRE vibrating through every fiber of your BEING. Find a task that will CALL FORTH your FAITH, your COURAGE, your PERSEVERANCE and your SPIRIT of SACRIFICE. Keep your hands and your SOUL CLEAN and your CONQUERING SPIRIT will flow freely.”

“Work smarter not harder. Learn from mentors and coaches.”

“Copy genius.”

“Instead of investing years in the school of hard knocks, the WORLD CLASS often reaches their heights by often standing on the shoulders of giants. CHAMPIONS are famous for building MENTOR teams who are already where they want to be… mentor teams GUIDE, TEACH, ADVISE and ENCOURAGE performers to THINK BIGGER and REACH HIGHER than ever before… MENTORS are continually prodding and pushing CHAMPIONS beyond their comfort zone.”

“COMMIT yourself to never ending PERSONAL GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT.”

“CHAMPIONS invest time in GETTING BETTER.” (you again)

“SCHOOL is never out for the GREAT ONES.”

“A never-ending cycle of SELF-EDUCATION is the centerpiece of WORLD-CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS.”

Bill Gove (The Father of Professional Speaking)

“When you’re doing something you LOVE to do the only REWARD you need is the EXPERIENCE of doing it.”

Walter Hailey

“The ultimate source of information and the whole world’s LIVING WISDOM lies in the minds of others… all you have to do is ASK.”

Soul Freedom to Sing, Dance, Praise, Love

This was passed on to me by La Cebollita and La Mariposa. I’d like to share it here:

May today there be peace within.
May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others.
May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.
May you be content with yourself just the way you are.
Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.
It is there for each and every one of us.

Small Clicks to Make One Think

The latest video from my mastermind friend Ishac Bertran begs one to ponder the simple processes and tools we take for granted in our daily lives…

Check it out:


“Laura Rico” Debuts in Guate Film

Check out the trailer for Aqui Me Quedo… you just might see a familiar face… for a whole 2 seconds!! Hahaha

The project was filmed while I was living in La Antigua, Guatemala: