Some serious blogging at a propane conference in Austin, TX.This site is an online representation of me! It’s a personal blog for play and it’s a professional site for work, because that’s exactly how I operate in the real world. I have the luxury of working when I play and playing when I work because I am very blessed and found a way to make a living doing what I love!

Important Disclaimer:

I have traveling fever and see no relief from the infectious, but welcome disease anytime in the near future. Symptoms are getting worse. Flights are being purchased at random that are taking me further and further away from home for longer and longer periods of time. I really can’t imagine life NOT on the road anymore.

I admit it, I am a traveling addict! I LOVE the unknown…

While we’re admitting things here… I must confess I’m also a bit of an adrenaline-junkie. Hence, the love of the unknown. Still haven’t sky-dived though… working on that!

Hitchhiking with Markus and Pieter outside Dalat, Vietnam.Okay, in all seriousness, I’m what you would call a “professional blogger.” I report and blog on issues and events, traveling around the U.S. and abroad to provide copy, audio, photo and video. Asking a non-english speaking local for directions... in english. Ha. Just outside Dalat, Vietnam. I also dabble from time to time in web design, adding basic knowledge of HTML, XHML, CSS and more to my repertoire of professional skills as well.

I’m a dedicated traveler and explorer who is always eager to try new things. I’m often embarking on one new adventure or another. In fact, I have visited more than 20 countries around the world. Leaping and diving off sand dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam.I thoroughly enjoy a jet-setter lifestyle…

Aside from travel, I have some grand visions for various projects that I’m currently researching. I’m hoping to more fully develop into these projects with grants and sponsorships within the next three years.

Photography and writing are both big passions. I love to document what I do, where I go and the people I meet. Speaking of document, I have aspirations of filming/directing/producing my own documentary.

Anyways, that’s a start… this site should do the rest!

4 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi laura,

    Adrian here. Hope you are well. Good to see you in Colorado last weekend.

    I have a big favor to ask. Could you be my resource for improving my internet site. It is http://www.adrianyanez.com . It is pretty much just sitting there collecting dust. It is a part of Microsoft Office Live. I haven’t figured out how to upload internet stuff ot improve the site. Any help would be greatly apreciated.

    Blessings upon you,


    As a world traveler do you have any great culinary tales to tell?

  2. I found your site through a former student and now friend, John Henry. Since I’m a semi-agoraphobe and thus don’t go much further than walking or biking distance from home, I travel vicariously through others…like you. I just read this…”I have the luxury of working when I play and playing when I work.” on your About page and was reminded of a verse from Robert Frost that applies. Thought you might like it too.

    “Only when love and need are one
    And the work is play for mortal stakes
    Is the deed ever really done
    For Heaven and the future’s sake.”

    I’ll be visiting again.

  3. Craig,

    I’m flattered you stopped by… thanks!!

    The Frost quote is excellent! I’m going to stick it under my Quotes page… 😉

    Isn’t it great that John Henry is out exploring this wonderful world now??

  4. Yes. I’m especially heartened by the fact that his latest trip will be though WWOOF. As an organic gardener for almost 50 years it’s good to see that he’s involved in the same now. I have much respect for John. He was one of my better pottery students.

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